We’ve cracked it: How To Run Live Vote Contests Inside Facebook LIVE Video Feeds. Brand new technology, AMAZING results. Get in before the masses! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/votestream-review-rebecca-fitch. VoteStream is my brand new FB Live video voting app. This is brand new technology, nothing like it exists and before today if you wanted to do something similar, you would need to be a) a developer or b) work out how it’s done and build your own app.
We have set out to change that today as we draw back the curtain on Facebook Live Videos and give you a bleeding edge app that will put live video right at the beating heart of your online marketing https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/votestream-review-rebecca-fitch. Vote Stream is easy to use and loaded with the powerful marketing features you need to get the most from this amazing new technology.
Click For Source of VoteStream REVIEW. 100% Cloud based dashboard: simply log in and create your VoteStream campaign from anywhere. You can even set it up to go Live remotely, operating fully from a remote URL!.


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